Lift Modernisation For Improved Lift Performance

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Lift Replacement

Transforming an old lift to a new lift equipped with the latest technology and safety features.

Lift Improvement

Replacing old and obsolete lift components with modern equivalents.

Lift Conversion

Converting the existing Hydraulic lift system to Traction lift system.

Modernising the lifts of today

Taking the lift is an important mode of transport which we use heavily everyday in Singapore, a city with a high density of tall buildings. Heavy usage means that wear and tear of lift parts is inevitable, and responsible persons for lifts (including lift owners, and those who have the management or control of lifts) are required by law to ensure proper maintenance and repairs of their lifts. That’s why you should boost your lift’s reliability, eco-efficiency, comfort, and appearance — and bring it in line with the latest safety and accessibility standards — with our modernisation solutions for all your needs and budgets.

Lift Replacement
The expected life of the lift and when to replace it is highly dependent on the usage. A high traffic environment such as in the commercial or health sectors might lead to earlier needs for replacement. Replacement of certain key elements will extend the life expectancy of lifts providing optimum performance. Hin Chong offers the option of completely replacing a lift with the most technologically advanced products on the market for increased accessibility, safety, energy savings, and ride comfort. Install a brand new lift, equipped with the latest technology and safety features, giving you all the benefits and comforts of a modern lift system.

When to replace a lift?

  • - A lift that is more than 20 years old.
  • - A lift that frequently breaks down.
  • - A lift that constantly needs increasing repairs and racks up replacement costs.
  • - A lift that has a longer downtime.
Lift Improvement
Existing lifts, with proper use, regular maintenance and inspections, are safe to use. However, they can be further enhanced to make them more reliable and improve their performance. Undergoing a Lift Improvement program will significantly boost the performance of your existing lift and also equip it with the latest technology and safety features. This is most ideal when the overall condition of the lift is still functional except that performance has been continuously deteriorating.

Why modernise a lift?

  • - To improve overall reliability by replacing problematic components.
  • - To boost safety and meet the latest regulations and recommendations.
  • - To extend and prolong the useful lifespan of the existing lift.
  • - To reap the benefits of the latest technological features.
  • - Long-term Cost Savings through lower maintenance and replacement costs.
Lift Conversion
A hydraulic lift is a lift that gets power through an electronic pump which then transmits hydraulic fluid to a jack. The piston at the base of the lift pushes the lift up and down. But a traction lift on the other hand, moves up and down the shaft using ropes and sheaves with a counterweight to balance the load. Because of their inherent design difference, traction lifts are more energy efficient and travels much faster. Hin Chong specializes in the conversion of old existing slow hydraulic lift system to modern fast and energy efficient traction lift system.

Why undertake a lift conversion?

Hydraulic lifts are inherently slower, produce a lot of heat, have high energy consumption and are costly to maintain in the long term. On the other hand, Traction lifts, are energy efficient, gives a much smoother overall riding experience, travels faster and is cost effective to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

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