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Established since 1994, Hin Chong Engineering Construction is a Singaporean company that specialises in home lift and elevator related services. Our wide variety of services span from supplying and installing home lifts and elevators, to repair works, maintenance, and professional engineer testing.

Lifts and dumbwaiters that are safe and efficient

Wide Variety

We believe in both style and functionality. That’s why we’ve lifts that suit different architectural constraints, design styles, and lifestyle preferences.

Safety Assurance

Detailed inspection will be provided by our professional and highly qualified engineers, so you can always be assured of the highest quality standards.

Energy Efficient

Our lifts come equipped with eco-efficient technology that lowers energy consumption levels - that means reducing energy costs and your carbon footprint.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should you work with Hin Chong?

At Hin Chong, we proved a wide variety of services spanning from supplying and installing home and commercial lifts and elevators, to repair works, maintenance, and professional engineer testing. Rest assured that we provide safe, energy efficient and customisation in style and functionality to all our home and commercial lifts.

What are the different types of lifts?

Lifts are classified broadly into 2 categories:
1) Passenger Lifts
2) Goods Lifts

Passenger Lifts can be sub-classified into:
a) Home Lifts
b) Stairs/Chair Lifts
c) Vertical Platform Lifts
d) Fireman Lifts

Cargo Lifts can be sub-classified into:
a) Service Lifts
b) Car Lifts

How do you differentiate between the different types of Passenger lifts?

Passenger Lifts are the most common type of lift installation, found in public, private and commercial buildings.

Home Lifts are installed in private, landed residential properties.

Stairs/Chair Lifts are installed on the handrails of staircases to ferry the handicapped from Point A to Point B. The main purpose of this lift is to carry the disabled.

Vertical Platform Lifts are installed to carry wheelchair users vertically up and down in order for the wheelchair-bound to access entryways or deck steps.

Fireman Lifts are specifically used by firefighters during a fire outbreak and can only be operated during a fire emergency.

How do you differentiate between the different types of Goods lifts?

Goods Lifts are installed primarily for transporting goods.

Service Lifts are installed to function as a hybrid between transporting goods and passengers.

Car Lifts are installed solely for transporting vehicles vertically up and down levels.
(Note: A car lift is not a mechanised parking system)

How can I contact you?

You can get in touch with us by dropping us an email either at or
Alternatively, you can call us at (+65) 6284 3905 or (+65) 9820 8306.

We’d love to assist you with an enquiries about our services!

When are your operation days and times?

You can contact us from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm and Saturday from 9am – 12pm.

Still unsure of what you require?

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