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    Wide Variety

    We believe in both style and functionality. That’s why we’ve got home lifts that suit different architectural constraints, design styles, and lifestyle preferences.

    Safety Assurance

    Detailed inspection will be provided by our professional and highly qualified engineers, so you can always be assured of the highest quality standards.

    Energy Efficient

    Our lifts come equipped with eco-efficient technology that lowers energy consumption levels - that means reducing energy costs and your carbon footprint.

    Lift Breakdown & Maintenance Services
    Most property owners fail to recognise the importance of performing regular lift maintenance, this results in jerky movements, lift breakdowns and other malfunctions as operating lifts continue to be subjected to wear and tear.

    As BCA-approved lift contractors, our professional lift maintenance services will help keep your lifts running smoothly. Whether it's a home lift, office lift or a service lift, our routinely on-site inspections and lift maintenance services are designed to help address the demanding requirements of a vertical transportation system in terms of safety, reliability, performance, and comfort.
    Lift Modernisation Services
    Are you managing or living in an old property and are using a lift that feels like it might malfunction? If it feels all rickety while operating, perhaps it's time for you to start planning for lift modernisation.

    As BCA-approved lift contractors, our lift modernisation services will enhance your lift's functionality while helping to extend its lifespan. Depending on your needs, you might find that instead of installing a new lift, you can also choose to modernise your home lift or office so as to keep them operating at optimal efficiency!

    If you're unsure about whether you might need to replace your lift or modernise it, reach out to us and we can help perform an on-site assessment for your situation so that you may make a more informed decision.
    Lift Installation Services
    Thinking of offering more convenience to your loved ones at home? Or perhaps you wish to improve the value of your property? Look no further as we can provide you with home lift installation services that will certainly suit your needs.

    We work with a variety of lift brands and are able to provide recommendations on lift installations that work best for your new landed property. We are BCA-certified, compliant and we will also assist you with your PTO (Permit-to-operate) application needs. Installing your home lift has never been this easy!

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