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Lift Modernisation

Full lift modernisation for 6 lifts in a District 10 Condominium

Project completed: Jan 2023
Within a short span of 3 months, we upgraded and performed a full modernisation for 6 old lifts, with minimal disruption of daily activities for condominium residents.

Key Project Outcomes:

  • Improve lift reliability & lifespan
  • Enhanced lift experience for residents within the estate
  • Reduced maintenance costs from lift serviceability with newer, non-proprietary lift parts
Full lift modernisation for 6 lifts in a District 10 Condominium

Project Summary

We pride ourselves in completing our projects within the agreed timeframe with maximum customer satisfaction.

3 months

Project duration


Lifts modernised

5 years

Extended warranty


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Before project commencement
After project completion

Project Details

The challenge

For over two decades, the lifts in this District 10 Condominium had been maintained by the developer's incumbent lift installation company.

This arrangement led to a critical issue - the lift parts had become obsolete and difficult to replace, causing a surge in breakdown incidents, occurring more than once a month. Frustration mounted among lift users due to prolonged wait times and frequent disruptions.

Our approach

We initiated the project with a comprehensive Lift Health Assessment, offering a clear picture of the lift's condition and providing objective recommendations. We then presented a transparent list of modernisation options, accompanied by detailed pros and cons for each. Our proposal aimed at the full modernisation and maintenance of all six lifts in the estate. The primary objective was to enhance reliability, usability, and future serviceability through the incorporation of cutting-edge technology.

Project execution

Working in tandem with the customer's Point of Contact (POC), we strategically identified an appropriate storage location for parts and for the execution of the modernisation.

We implemented rigorous project management procedures, employing a digital approach that included fortnightly progress updates, Gantt charts, issue tracking, and resolution through a shared cloud repository.

To accommodate residents' needs, we adopted a two-phase modernisation approach, ensuring that at least one lift in each block remained operational at all times.

Our lift modernisation efforts focused on two core elements:

  • Lift control system: Comprehensive upgrades to the electrical and electronic components of the lifts.
  • Lift driving system: Overhaul of the mechanical aspects of the lifts.

Dedicated support

Throughout the project, a dedicated project manager was readily accessible via Email, Phone, and Whatsapp, providing immediate responses to any queries or concerns. This proactive communication approach ensured a smooth and efficient project progression.

Ensuring safety

Upon the completion of the lift modernisation project, a Certified Specialist Professional Engineer (Lift & Escalator) was engaged to certify the operational safety of the lifts, providing an additional layer of assurance for the residents.

Extended warranty for long-term peace of mind

Our client chose to subscribe to our premium lift maintenance services for all the newly modernised lifts within the estate. This decision not only extended the warranty of the parts across all lifts but also ensured ongoing, high-quality maintenance for up to five years.

Safety and compliance to regulatory standards are important to us. But beyond that, we take pride in being fair to our clients.

Thank you Adrian for all your help in this project.
Stacey LohChair Lady, MCST of District 10 Condominium

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