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Frequently Asked Questions

Lift Maintenance

How often do I need to maintain my lift?

BCA has mandated that all lifts have to be maintained and checked every month.

I own a home lift but I travel a lot. Is it possible if I maintain my lift once every two or three months?

BCA will allow exceptions (applies only to home lifts). However, special approval must be obtained from BCA. Otherwise, the once a month service rule still applies.

My neighbour/friend did not require special approval from BCA and his/her lift is only maintained every quarterly. Why is that?

Unfortunately, BCA takes a very serious stand against any non-compliance. It is the responsibility of BOTH the lift owner and lift service provider to ensure that lifts are maintained as per regulation rules.

What is PTO?

PTO stands for Permit-To-Operate. All lifts in Singapore require a valid PTO to operate. The validity of the PTO is 1 year.

How do I renew my PTO?

Every year, BCA will send notices to all lift owners 3 months before the expiry of the current PTO to remind owners to renew the PTO. The steps to complete the renewal process are as follows:

1) An owner will receive a letter from BCA. The owner has to log into the online PTO system and make a renewal fee payment directly to BCA.

2) The Lift Service Provider will receive a notification to carry out the mandatory lift inspection and examination once the owner has made a payment.

3) A BCA approved Lift Specialist Professional Engineer will make an appointment and carry out the required lift inspection and examination.

4) BCA will be notified when all the 3 above steps are completed and issue the new PTO afterwards.

Do I have to renew the PTO every year?

The PTO has to be renewed yearly. Without a valid PTO, all lift activities will be suspended.

BCA also has a list of lifts do not have a valid PTO and will conduct random checks to ascertain if the lift is indeed shut down. If there is a lapse, BCA will not hesitate to take actions against offenders under non-compliance.

What happens if I forget to renew the PTO?

BCA will send out reminder letters to all lift owners within the 3 months renewal time frame. If the lift is not renewed before expiry, the lift will be suspended and have to be shut down until the renewal is active.

The PTO has expired. Can I re-activate the lift?

If the PTO has expired, the lift has to be re-commissioned in order to obtain a new PTO.

The re-commissioning process is cumbersome and requires submission of relevant documents and lift examinations.

How to update my details with BCA?

Login to the O-PTO (Online Permit-To-Operate) system and update the details as stated.

You may also email BCA @ for more enquiries. Note: It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure their details are updated with BCA.

I am not familiar with the PTO. Are there any user guide?


Please visit BCA O-PTO website @
You can download the OPTO user guide and read the FAQs there.

Who is the Lift Specialist Professional Engineer?

A Lift Specialist Professional Engineer is an authorized lift examiner approved by BCA and holds the qualifications to carry out lift inspection and examination.

For the Yearly Lift Examination, there is a No-Load Examination and a Full-Load Examination. What is the difference?

Every year, a No-Load (Visual) Examination on the lift equipment will be carried out. Once every 5 years, a Full-Load Examination will be carried out. This requires loading the lift to its full rated capacity with weights so as to test whether the lift is able to transport the intended load.

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We ensure that your lift runs smoothly and efficiently. Give yourself peace of mind and ensure your lift performs well and lasts a longer lifespan with preventive measures such as undertaking monthly servicing and maintenance. Facing a lift emergency? Contact us now! Our team of specialists are always on standby to solve any lift problems that you might face.

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