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    Tailored to your needs

    We will listen to your requests, perform an inspection and formulate our recommendations so that they are in-line with your property's requirements.

    Reliable, quality service

    Detailed inspection will be provided by our professional and BCA-certified engineers, so you can always be assured of the highest quality standards.

    Trained & certified professionals

    Our team is made up of highly qualified engineers who are certified by BCA for examination, inspection, testing and periodic maintenance.

    Routinely lift maintenance helps
    prevent lift breakdowns

    All machines need proper care to ensure that they are running smoothly and efficiently. Are you concerned of the possibility of a lift breakdown? Give yourself a peace of mind and ensure its performance and longer lifespan with preventive measures such as undertaking regular servicing and maintenance. Facing a lift emergency? Not to worry, because our team of technicians are always on standby to solve any lift problems that you might face.

    Lift maintenance that's
    tailored to your needs
    We offer various home and commercial lift maintenance packages to suit your requirements. Looking for safety compliance? Or maybe routine servicing and fault checking for your entire lift system? Or perhaps you're just facing an emergency lift breakdown and you need someone to fix the problem? Tell us your needs - we'll be able to provide professional advice and the right implementation to get your lift running smoothly.
    Trusted lift contractor that
    ensures reliable, quality service
    Providing great service that complies with the highest safety standards and ensures the best performance out of your lift is our priority. To that end, we provide a thorough assessment of the safety, efficiency, and performance of your existing lift before we start on repairs. Be rest assured that we’ll do our best to minimise downtime and ensure that your lift remains in optimal condition.
    Highly-trained technicians and professionals
    Our dedicated service technicians are BCA-certified and are the frontline in maintaining our commitment to keeping your lifts in tip-top condition. Trained in industry-leading maintenance methods, they come equipped with technical expertise that cater to different types of lifts. Combined with creative problem solving skills, they’ll be able to make a quick, accurate diagnosis of the problem that you’re facing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is PTO?

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    How do I renew the PTO?

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    The PTO has expired. Can I continue using the lift?

    How do I access the PTO portal and are there any user guides?

    Who is this Lift & Escalator Specialist Professional Engineer?

    For the Yearly Lift Examination, there is a No-Load Visual Examination and a Full-Load Examination. What is the difference?

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