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Lift Maintenance

Lift Maintenance for a 5 Ton Cargo Lift System (Type: Motor Room-less, installed by third party)

Maintenance ongoing since Aug 2022
Our proactive approach to monthly lift maintenance helped address initial concerns and also set the stage for prolonged lift functionality. Trusting in our expertise, Hafary Pte Ltd witnessed reduced breakdowns and associated costs, underscoring the significance of engaging a knowledgeable lift maintenance contractor for sustained infrastructure performance.

Key Maintenance Outcomes:

  • Prolonged lift functionality
  • Reduced likelihood and severity of breakdowns
  • Cost savings in the long term
Lift Maintenance for a 5 Ton Cargo Lift System (Type: Motor Room-less, installed by third party)

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Project Details


Hafary Pte Ltd, located in the Changi North Way, entrusted our lift maintenance expertise for their 5-ton Cargo Lift, a Motor Room-less type system installed by a third party. As an existing customer, they sought our monthly lift maintenance services to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of their crucial lift infrastructure.

Scope of Work

Commissioning Transition

Upon acquisition of a factory in Changi North Way, Hafary Pte Ltd executed Alteration and Addition (A&A) works, incorporating a new 5-ton cargo lift. Although not installed by our team, we seamlessly assumed the responsibility of lift maintenance immediately after commissioning. Hafary's choice was rooted in the high trust they place in our services.

Initial Assessment

Our team conducted a comprehensive evaluation, scrutinizing the lift's safety components, verifying proper installation of parts and accessories, and ensuring the overall functionality of the Motor Room-less lift. Addressing any potential issues from the outset is essential, especially considering the common teething problems associated with newly operational lifts.

Proactive Maintenance Approach

Anticipating adjustment challenges typical in new lifts, such as door misalignments, insecurely fastened nuts and bolts, and misalignment of guide shoes and rollers, our experienced technicians implemented proactive measures. Leveraging our industry expertise, we addressed these potential concerns during the initial lift maintenance sessions, preventing possible complications and ensuring the lift's smooth operation.


Entrusting the monthly lift maintenance of the 5-ton Cargo Lift to a trusted and knowledgeable contractor is paramount. Our diligent approach not only addressed immediate concerns but also positioned Hafary Pte Ltd to enjoy prolonged lift functionality, significantly reducing the likelihood and severity of breakdowns. By investing in proper maintenance, Hafary ensures the longevity of their lift infrastructure, translating to cost savings in the long term.

We help lift owners ensure that their lifts are always functioning optimally

Lift maintenance is a mandatory requirement in Singapore—and if you're a tenant, you might also be legally obligated by your landlord to service your lift. However, there are also other benefits to routine lift maintenance.

Fulfil regulatory requirements

Lift maintenance in Singapore is required by the Building Maintenance and Strata Management (BMSM) Act

Prevent lift breakdowns

Regular lift maintenance acts as a preventive measure to give you a peace of mind

Extend lift lifespan

Routine lift servicing keeps a lift in good shape, which translates to cost savings in the long run

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Lift Maintenance

Maintenance since Jul 2022

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