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A Guide for Toshiba Lift Owners in Singapore: Products, Technology & Lift Maintenance

Adrian ChiewJun 4, 2024
A Guide for Toshiba Lift Owners in Singapore: Products, Technology & Lift Maintenance
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Having commenced operations in 1966,  Toshiba has transformed itself into a powerhouse in the lift industry. Today, Toshiba shares its space among the top four Japanese lift manufacturers, the others being Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi, and Fujitec.

Toshiba Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (TAPL)  was formed in 1995, serving as the regional headquarters for Southeast Asia, India, and Oceania—with its head office in Singapore.

What are the different Toshiba lift products available in Singapore?

As a trusted and reputable name in the industry, Toshiba offers a number of solutions to accommodate unique needs.

The SPACEL series features passenger lifts without machine rooms for low to mid-rise buildings. These lifts can fit into almost any kind of building, including shopping centres, residential buildings, hotels, offices, hospitals, and transport facilities.

Toshiba's ELCOSMO series focuses on smaller, machine-room lifts. Ideal for either commercial or residential buildings, they are a great choice for buildings of all heights.

What are the notable technologies used in Toshiba lifts?

Toshiba lifts are distinguished in their field by their innovative use of technology to enhance efficiency and provide smooth, comfortable rides for users. 

The SPACEL-III and ELCOSMO-III lift models are engineered to be more energy-efficient, reducing power consumption by up to 50% compared to earlier models. This is achieved through the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies like regenerative systems, LED lighting, lighter cabin designs and sophisticated control systems. These lifts also feature newly designed eco-friendly and oil-free roller guides for a smoother ride.

Toshiba has also developed a lift modernisation package known as ELFRESH which allows lift owners in Singapore to exchange their existing induction motor with a PMSM motor. This is paired with a state-of-the-art inverter control system, which not only reduces high voltage consumption, but also extends the life span of Toshiba lifts.

Such technologies reflect Toshiba's commitment to innovation and highlights the brand's focus on delivering a sustainable and user-friendly lift experience for all users.

How can regular maintenance improve the lifespan of a Toshiba lift?

Regular lift maintenance is akin to a health check-up that your Toshiba lift needs to ensure its optimal functioning. This not only increases the lifespan of your Toshiba lift, but also reduces the risk of sudden breakdowns and expensive repairs.

When correctly and timely executed, maintenance can prevent substantial financial loss caused by system downtime and associated repair or replacement expenses.

However, what is more important is for lift owners to be aware of 2024's Maintenance Control Plan (MCP) by BCA Singapore, where a life cycle approach to lift maintenance is recommended. This method encompasses not just routine lift upkeep, but also the guidelines and proposed timetable for part replacements.

How often should a Toshiba lift be serviced?

As a lift owner in Singapore, it's mandatory to engage a registered lift service contractor for regular lift maintenance.

Such contractors, like Hin Chong, will be listed in the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) directory of registered contractors & licensed builders.

As for how often lift maintenance should be carried out, 

  • Home lifts, vertical platform lifts and stairlifts should be serviced based on Toshiba's recommended maintenance schedule or on a quarterly basis, whichever is more frequent.

  • All other lift types should likewise be serviced according to Toshiba's suggested servicing schedule or be serviced monthly, whichever is more frequent.

If you're a Toshiba lift owner in Singapore, it's crucial to keep your lift well-maintained and safe. Get in touch with Hin Chong today and find out how we can assist you with your lift maintenance needs.

The importance of regular lift maintenance

Lift maintenance is a mandatory requirement in Singapore—and if you're a tenant, you might also be legally obligated by your landlord to service your lift. However, there are also other benefits to routine lift maintenance.

Fulfil regulatory requirements

Lift maintenance in Singapore is required by the Building Maintenance and Strata Management (BMSM) Act

Prevent lift breakdowns

Regular lift maintenance acts as a preventive measure to give you a peace of mind

Extend lift lifespan

Routine lift servicing keeps a lift in good shape, which translates to cost savings in the long run

Hin Chong: Lift servicing and maintenance

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Lift owners: Get a free lift assessment

Our qualified Lift & Escalator Inspector (LEI) will provide you with an honest and independent diagnosis of your lift condition. Be rest assured that our recommendations will not be prejudiced towards existing lift contractors.

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