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A Guide for Otis Lift Owners in Singapore: Products, Technology & Lift Maintenance

Adrian ChiewMay 28, 2024
A Guide for Otis Lift Owners in Singapore: Products, Technology & Lift Maintenance
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Founded more than 170 years ago, Otis has etched its name as a prominent figure in the lift industry globally. Today, the brand is an undisputed global leader in the production, installation, and servicing of lifts and escalators.

Boasting a workforce of 71,000 employees, Otis operates in 200 countries and territories. Every single day, the brand aids in the transportation of 2.2 billion people and oversees the upkeep of more than 2.3 million customer units across the globe—the most extensive portfolio in the lift industry.

In Singapore, Otis has had a long-standing partnership with Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) since 1987. Its journey began with the installation and operation of the first lifts and escalators for the North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL), setting a precedent for reliable lift solutions in Singapore's public transportation sector. 

Which Otis lift models are popular in Singapore?

In Singapore, various Otis lift models cater to buildings of different heights. Considering the specific needs of high-rise, medium-rise, and low-rise buildings, these are some popular models:

  • SKYRISE®: The brand's most advanced high-rise lift model, this model does not require a machine room and comes with a double-deck design that boosts rentable space by up to 40%.

  • OH5000™: A model that works for both high-rise and medium-rise buildings, combining enhanced load capacity and improved passenger comfort. It also offers an array of options for customisation through various controls, features, and aesthetic elements. 

  • GEN2® Premier: Compact and efficient, this model is also suitable for both high-rise and medium-rise buildings. Its machine-roomless design saves space, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial properties. 

  • Gen3™ Elevator: A significant evolution brought about by combining the popular Gen2® lift's innovative design and the advanced features of the Otis ONE™ digital platform.

What are the different technologies used in Otis lifts?

Otis lifts offer a range of innovative solutions designed to provide enhanced reliability, improved efficiency, and seamless operation. 

One of the most notable technologies Otis deploys is its intelligent CompassPlus™ system. This advanced lift management technology optimises passenger flow while offering personalised service. It intelligently recognises a user's travel patterns and common destinations, effectively reducing travel time. 

Otis also uses the Compass 360, a third-generation dispatch system that includes a sophisticated dispatching algorithm and touchscreen entry devices. A noteworthy feature is its compatibility with building security and visitor systems. Powered by SmartGrouping technology, this system takes efficiency to a new level by grouping passengers based on their destinations or zones, resulting in smoother, quicker rides.

Last but not least, OptiSense is a sophisticated video analytics feature. The technology works like a pair of eyes, identifying crowds in critical areas and dispatching more lifts to lobbies where they're required. 

Adapting and evolving with the times, Otis continues to pioneer ground-breaking solutions, maintaining its position as a global leader in the elevator and escalator market. 

How can I extend the lifespan of my Otis lift?

Your journey towards extending the lifespan of your Otis lift involves a balanced mix of regular lift maintenance, promptly addressing any emerging issues, and conducting lift modernisation when required. 

As a lift owner, it's crucial to familiarise yourself with the 2024 Maintenance Control Plan (MCP) by BCA Singapore. This plan is more than a suggestion for routine lift care—it recommends a life-cycle approach that incorporates both predictive and preventive measures. 

By putting this plan into practice, you're increasing the dependability and lifespan of your lift, while reducing the likelihood of unexpected malfunctions and potential high repair costs.

How often should I service my Otis lift?

In Singapore, all lift owners are required to engage a registered lift contractor for lift maintenance. Negligence in doing so can result in penalties amounting to $5,000. 

You can find a registered lift contractor such as Hin Chong in the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) directory of registered contractors & licensed builders.

The frequency of lift maintenance depends on your lift type: 

  • For residential lifts, stairlifts and vertical platform lifts: Maintenance should be conducted quarterly or as per Otis' recommendation, whichever is more frequent.

  • For all other types of lifts: Maintenance should be monthly or as per Otis' recommendation, whichever is more frequent.

Ensuring the safety of your Otis lift is of utmost importance as a lift owner. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like a free lift assessment, or if you need help with lift maintenance. We're always happy to assist.

The importance of regular lift maintenance

Lift maintenance is a mandatory requirement in Singapore—and if you're a tenant, you might also be legally obligated by your landlord to service your lift. However, there are also other benefits to routine lift maintenance.

Fulfil regulatory requirements

Lift maintenance in Singapore is required by the Building Maintenance and Strata Management (BMSM) Act

Prevent lift breakdowns

Regular lift maintenance acts as a preventive measure to give you a peace of mind

Extend lift lifespan

Routine lift servicing keeps a lift in good shape, which translates to cost savings in the long run

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Certificate of Competency (CoC)

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Lift owners: Get a free lift assessment

Our qualified Lift & Escalator Inspector (LEI) will provide you with an honest and independent diagnosis of your lift condition. Be rest assured that our recommendations will not be prejudiced towards existing lift contractors.

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